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14.10.2019 RISC-Team Webseite aktualisiert Das Radio- und Internetscouting-Team der PBS hat ihre Webseite aktualisiert. Das Team koordiniert den weltweit grössten Pfadianlass in der Schweiz und bietet Unterstützung bei den Planung, Vorbereitung und Durchführung von Aktivitäten via Funk und Internet an.
18.07.2019 1'150 Schweizer Pfadis unterwegs nach West Virginia! Nächste Woche reisen insgesamt 1’150 Pfadis aus der ganzen Schweiz ans World Scout Jamboree. Das Weltpfadilager findet alle vier Jahre statt, in diesem Jahr in Nord Amerika. Während unzähligen Wochenenden und Sitzungen wurde auf dieses Treffen hingearbeitet. In West Virginia treffen sich während 10 Tagen ca. 45'000 Pfadfinder aus 132 Ländern.
25.06.2019 Gesucht: Delegationsleiter/-in - Mitglied der Delegationsleitung Rovermoot 2021 in Irland Das World Scout Moot ist das zweitgrösste internationale Weltlager der World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) und findet alle vier Jahre statt. Das Lager ist für Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer im Alter von 18 bis 26 Jahren ausgelegt. Ältere TeilnehmerInnen sind als Mitglieder des Internationalen Service Staff (IST) dabei und helfen dem Gastland bei der Durchführung des Lagers.
14.08.2018 Helen Storrow Seminar The Helen Storrow Seminar gives young people from around the world the chance to connect on issues they care about and take the lead as agents of change in their communities.
07.08.2018 Austauschpartnerschaft mit Serbien

Internationale Lager 2020

KODU LÄVEL - Homebound

PLACE: Estland
TIME: 14. - 19.07.2020 (Teilnehmende) & 12.-21.07.2020 (Staff)
AGE: Pfadistufe, Piostufe, Roverstufe
WHY ATTEND: Estonian Guiding Association celebrates the 100th anniversary of the guiding movement in Estonia in the summer of 2020! In July, we gather on the newly inhabited camping grounds in Laose, and you are invited, along with many guides and our friends! With 400 people celebrating with us during the camp, it is the place to be so make sure you register quick before the seats at the birthday table are full!

REGISTRATION: 31.05.2020, in Gruppen

Iceland national Jamboree

PLACE: Island
TIME: 08. - 14.07.2020
AGE: Pfadistufe, Piostufe, Roverstufe
WHY ATTEND: The camp is open to all Scouts, Guides, Explorers and Rangers from around the world, whether you are a troop or unit wanting to take part, or an individual wanting to be on the staff team, everyone is welcome! We’ll focus on building a better world together with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding principle. We’ll learn ways to make the world a better place for everyone, try new things, make great friends and above all else, have fun.
Come participate in fun, exciting and life changing activities in Iceland next summer!
REGISTRATION: 01.03.2020



PLACE: Dänemark
TIME: 18. - 25.07.2020
AGE:  Wolfstufe, Pfadistufe, Piostufe, Rover
WHY ATTEND: Join CAF20 and you will join the lovely scout camp life in Denmark. We are a big camp, but in a miniture version. Join CAF20 with Horns Rev Division, Denmark and the World.

Vasalägret 2020

PLACE: Stensö in Kalmar, Sweden
TIME: 27.07. - 01.08.2020
AGE: Wolfstufe, Pfadistufe
WHY ATTEND: The program and large part of the camp time is planned to be characterized by the 16th century and Swedish king Gustav Vasa.
REGISTRATION: 30.11.2019

Intercamp 2020

PLACE: United Kingdom
TIME: 29.05. - 01.06.2020

AGE: all
WHY ATTEND: Register for Intercamp 2020! The Intercamp is an international scouting camp, held each year over the Whitsun weekend since 1967. All WOSM and WAGGGS recognized scouts are welcome to join. Our 53rd Intercamp in 2020 will take place from  in the United Kingdom for the first time!
REGISTRATION: The registration will open around November/December 2019.


Funboree 2020 - Scouting Beyond Borders

PLACE: Hamburg, Deutschland
TIME: 30.04. - 04.05.2020
AGE: Roverstufe

WHY ATTEND: Du wolltest immer schon wissen was ist „Funboree“?
  • Ein einmaliges Event für Pfadfinderleiterinnen und -leiter und Roverinnen und Rover aus Europa - Neue Netzwerk Kontakte
  • Tolle Menschen
  • Freundschaftliche Atmosphäre
  • Lustige Spiele
  • Verschiedene Länder jedes Jahr kennenlernen
  • Alte und neue Freunde treffen
  • Ein Platz um Erfahrungen zu machen und zu teilen
  • Sich wieder wie ein King zu fühlen
  • Inspirationen für Austausch und zukünftige Pläne
  • 5 Tage Spaß
Du darfst es nicht verpassen. Mach eine Pause und habe Spaß auf dem Funboree.


Rover 100 - Portugese National Rover

PLACE: Region Aveiro, Portugal

TIME: Vom 10. bis 17. August 2019
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 30.04.2019 via Formular
AGE: Rover, zwischen 18 - 22 Jahren. Rover im Alter von 22+ können sich als Service-Member anmelden und zum guten Gelingen des Events beitragen.

Während den ersten Tagen des Lagers, ist jeder Rover teil einer Patrouille, danach von einer etwas grösseren Gruppe (Clan). In der zweiten Hälfte des Events, versammeln sich alle Teilnehmenden in einem zentralen Lager im Centro Nacional de Formação Ambiental São Jacinto.

Jamborette 2020

PLACE: Ninove, Belgium

TIME: 18. - 28.07.2020
AGE: from 15 years
In 1994, the Boy Scouts from Ninove blew out 75 candles and they did not want to celebrate their anniversary alone. They decided to organize an international camp in their home town! The goal was to invite groups from six different countries and obtain a balanced mix of different nationalities. In 2010, the year where the Boy Scouts of Ninove turned 90, which called for a second Jamborette. Scouting groups from all over the world came to Ninove, where the grasslands at the Wolfsput were transformed into a vibrant Scouting metropolis from the 24th of June until the 2nd of August 2010. This second edition turned out to be a big success with about 300 Scouts from 16 countries attending this unforgettable event. Again, for the Boy and Girl scouts from Ninove, this tasted for more…
And here we are now, celebrating 100 years of Scouting Ninove. We are ready for this new adventure! Will you join us in this incredible experience?

Michigan International Camporee

PLACE:  Rota-Kiwan Scout Reservation, Michigan, USA

TIME: 19. - 26.07.2020
AGE: 12 - 18 years
The Michigan International Camporee (MIC) is the largest council-run multinational Scout activity in North America. Once every four years, contingents of Scouts and leaders and volunteer staff members from more than 20 countries come to Michigan for a week of home stays with Michigan Scout families and then a week camping together with Scouts, leaders, and staff members from Michigan and from other U.S. states in a miniature World Scout Jamboree.

Essex International Jamboree

PLACE:  Boyton Cross, Chelmsford England
TIME: 01. - 08.08.2020
AGE: Pfadi & Pio

Put simply, it’s an enormous camp for Scouts and Guides from around the world; it lasts 1 week, but takes 3 years to plan.  It’s a famous event in the Scout and Girlguiding world, and is renowned for being one of the best jamborees.

The event is held in a huge field every four years at Boyton Cross near Chelmsford, Essex, which is only 40 miles from London and it’s major transport hubs.

This 120-acre green field is transformed by 1,500 volunteers into a fully operational tented village.  By this we mean it has all the facilities you’d expect – water, showers, toilets, electrics, communications, food distribution, health and welfare services and even a beach!

Brumjam 2020

PLACE: Birmingham, England

TIME: 01. - 08.08.2020
AGE: Pfadi & Pio
We have a fantastic week of activities and entertainment, 6 days in total planned for everybody at BrumJam.

Wings 2020

PLACE: Windsor Great Park, Berkshire, England

TIME: 25.07. - 01.08.2020
AGE: Pfadi & Pio


WINGS started in the 1993 as the result of a national Scouting initiative, which challenged Scouts to deliver an activity in collaboration with Girlguiding, and welcomed just over 2,700 young people, leaders and staff from 22 countries (including many European countries as well as Bahrain, Japan, Uganda, and the USA) and grew at each subsequent event which all took place on the same site in Windsor Great Park in 1998, 2003 and 2009.

The most recent, WINGS 2014, was the biggest yet: 7,000 people from 41 countries from the far flung corners of the globe including New Zealand, Canada, Panama, Nigeria and Russia. WINGS is a well-established and a truly international Scouting and Girlguiding event!

The location of Windsor Great Park is probably the best venue for an international Scout and Girlguiding Jamboree in the UK! The camping and main activity area is a royal deer park adjacent to the famous Long Walk. Windsor Castle (overlooking the event) and the historic town of Windsor are within walking distance of the site.

Vienna International Jamborette

PLACE: Donauinsel, Wien, Österreich

TIME: 03. - 12.08.2020
AGE: alle Stufen

Mit dem FLOW wollen wir ein PfadfinderInnenlager in und mit der Stadt Wien für Kinder und Jugendliche aus aller Welt gestalten, die in der Gemeinschaft Spaß haben, Freundschaft erfahren und den PfadfinderInnengedanken leben.

Dabei stehen nachhaltige Umsetzung, soziale Inklusion und ein ausgewogenes Programm im Vordergrund.

Wir wollen PfadfinderInnen in unserer Stadt sichtbar machen und etwas Bleibendes hinterlassen.


Peak International Scout and Guide camp

PLACE: Derbyshire, England

TIME: 25.07. - 01.08.2020


AGE: all


Peak camps have run since 1974, and have been held every 5 years since 1980. The camps have been held in the grounds of Chatsworth House and are organised as a joint venture by Derbyshire Scouts and Girlguiding Derbyshire.

The most recent event, Peak 2015, attracted over 4,500 young people from across Derbyshire, the UK and other countries. Alongside these young people were their leaders and over 1,500 staff. In total we had 7,000 residential campers along with daily visitors and day staff.



Durham 2020

PLACE: Wolsingham, Durham (UK)

TIME: 01.08.-08.08.2020


AGE: aged between 10 and 18 / IST over 18


We've got a life changing adventure planned for Scouts and Explorers. Everyone will be immersed in our 7 night, 8 day Jamboree experience that will have a real buzz, a great range of activities and languages from around the world:

  • Join one of our five sub-camp communities which will be your home for the week. Get to know your neighbours and why not even invite them to dinner?
  • Experience the spectacle of our opening and closing ceremonies on our main stage.
  • Take part in 6 days of exciting and adventurous activities from the very latest attractions from around the UK to the best Scouting activities available. We'll also be whisking you off-site for two days for a great off-site adventure.
  • If you're an Explorer, your own exclusive and secret off-site day.
  • A great variety of evening entertainment, from parties, to campfires, to films we'll have it all!
  • Soak up the atmosphere in the village centre visit the cafe, the shops and the entertainment venues.
  • Giving you the option of joining a host group who will cater for you during the week (for an additional fee)




Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous (SOAR) 2020 (only girls and women)

PLACE: Sooke, southwest tip of Vancouver Island, Canada

TIME: 24.07.-01.08.2020

Girls born in 2008 or 2009 will be Guides
Girls born in 2005, 2006 or 2007 will be Pathfinders
Girls born in 2002, 2003 or 2004 will be Rangers

SOAR 2020 will be a large Camp for BC Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers, with participants from the rest of Canada, USA, and other countries. It will be a true basic camping experience - tenting and patrol cooking, with a program full of challenge and fun. Join us for adventures in water activities, arts, crafts, sports and exploring Sooke, BC. There will be a specific program for Rangers. Be prepared to meet over 2,000 girls and women.


More information and a link to the registration page for International Patrols can be found on the SOAR 2020 Website:

Dutch National Jamboree 2020

PLACE: Scouting estate Zeewolse, 40km east of Amsterdam

TIME: 25.07-02.08.2020
AGE: Guides and SCouts between 14 and 18 years of age
The National Jamboree is not only a fantastic event because of the large number of participants. The activities in which the participating groups can participate make the camp an unforgettable experience. We will tell you exactly what these activities are at a later time. There are activities that you do together with your entire subcamp, with other groups and also individually. That way you will get to know your own friends better, but also make some great new friends! 

Camp Brave 2020 (only girls)

PLACE: Dalkeith Country Park, near Edinburgh, UK
TIME: 02.08.-08.08.2020
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: bookings are open now
Camp Participants 10-18 years old
Adult volunteers

Get ready to have the time of your life at Camp Brave! Our flagship international camp takes place near Edinburgh, Scotland’s beautiful capital city. It’s going to be an experience Guides and Rangers from all over the world will never forget. 


Quest 2020

PLACE:  15 miles outside of Oxford, UK

TIME: 26.07.-01.08.2020
AGE: Quest is open to all member Girl Scout and Girl Guide associations registered with WOSM or WAGGGS outside of the UK. Participants must be aged 10 to 17 years of age. Those aged 18 or over can attend as unit leaders (if they have the appropriate qualification) or join our staff team.
Hundreds of Guides from across Oxfordshire and from around the world will arrive in the Oxfordshire countryside for a camp of fun, discovery and adventure.  We’d love to welcome you too.
The camp will include a range of adventurous, creative and cultural activities, as well as opportunities to meet new friends from around the world.  From the moment you arrive to the final farewell, being part of Quest 2020 will give you an opportunity to try out new adventures, make new friends and create memories to last a lifetime.


FarbenmEEHr 2020

PLACE: Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

TIME: 03.08.-13.08.2020
AGE: alle Altersstufen

Unser Hauptziel ist es uns allen und vor allem der Außenwelt zu zeigen, wie Vielfältig die Pfadfinderbewegung gerade in Baden-Württemberg ist. Bereits 2007, zum 100-jährigen Jubiläum der Pfadfinder, gab es ein großen Ringe-Langeslager und so wurde 2016 beschlossen, dass wir auch 2020 ein solches Lager ausrichten möchten.

Landeslager 2020 (VCP Land Bayern)

PLACE: Breitenbrunn, Deutschland

TIME: 27.07.-05.08.2020
AGE: keine Angaben, Teilnahme als Gruppe oder IST möglich

Die Möglichkeit an einem bayrischen Jamboree teilzunehmen, mit der Möglichkeit, zusammen mit einer deutschen Pfadigruppe untergebracht zu werden.

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